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The case of the Barrio de las Letras in Madrid as an example of the balance between tourism, commerce and culture

Link to the Publication The cities most exposed to mass tourism are the first ones interested in decongesting their historical areas and promoting new neighborhoods under guarantee brands such as “microdestinations” within the cities themselves, as is happening with Barrio de Las Letras of Madrid. As the traditional tourism development model begins to become saturated, […]

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Associationism, Networks and Marketing in the transformation towards experiential tourism. The case of Barrio de las Letras

Link to the Publication Based on traditions and cultural heritage, small businesses can, through organization, social collaboration and entrepreneurship, take advantage of these assets and transform urban spaces. The Association of Merchants Barrio de las Letras is transforming this Madrid’s neighborhood into a tourist destination of experiences. The objective of this work is to explore […]

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Food Markets and tourist cities

Link to the Publication This article analyzes the importance of the food markets as tourist spaces in the promotional approach of the city and its consequences on it. The cases of Barcelona and Madrid serve to illustrate this reality. Specifically, in Madrid, the markets of San Miguel, San Antón, La Cebada, Barceló, San Fernando, Antón […]

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The Food Markets and their commercialization as a product of tourism of experiences

Link to the Publication The current tourist demand is going through a great transformation. Experience has become an essential object of the trip and the client feels more and more the need to experience a destination to optimize your experience of it. In this context, gastronomic tourism acquires great relevance and the food markets are […]

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A guide through Madrid’s food markets

Link to the Publication See you in the market proposes to discover Madrid with another perspective. In this globalized world, I suggest you feel a Madrid with the identity and uniqueness that its markets gives. Markets as a tourist resource but also as much more. I am looking for a different city through this route […]

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The Food Markets as spaces of experiential tourism: The case of the city of Madrid

Link to the Publication This article is part of a broader research on food markets as a tourist resource. The main objective of this work is to explore the evolution of food markets from a traditional distribution channel to essential sights in cities as a resource for experiential tourism. Therefore, the role of markets as […]