Espacio de baño en Casa Decor


Casa Decor celebrates a new edition as a reference for decoration and interior design, located in the Tomás Allende building in Plaza Canalejas.


Discover everything that happens behind the scenes as the models prepare to go out to show and present the Autumn – Winter 2021/2022 collection

4TH DAY MBFW 04/2021

Sunday 11 Recap of the fourth day of the MBFW Madrid: FW2021 – 2022 Collections

Cayetana Guillén Cuervo vestida de Ángel Schlesser

3RD DAY MBFW 04/2021

Saturday 10: Recap of the third day of the MBFW Madrid: FW2021 – 2022 Collections

Desfile Ágatha Ruiz de la Prada

2ND DAY MBFW 04/2021

Friday 9: Recap of the second day of the MBFW Madrid: FW2021 – 2022 Collections

Modelos de lencería de Andrés Sardá

1ST DAY MBFW 04/2021

Thursday 8: Recap of the first day of the MBFW Madrid: FW2021 – 2022 Collections

Desfile Moisés Nieto

Moisés Nieto | Fall Winter 2021-22

Moisés Nieto presents in the 73rd edition of MBFW Madrid, a warmer and more expressive collection, with soapy fabrics in earthy and evocative tones.

Ball, obra plástica de PADRE


Urvanity 2021 returns with an edition in two phases: in February online and in May, in person at its COAM headquarters.

La actriz Anna Castillo retratada por Omar Ayyashi


Photographer Omar Ayyashi and designer Manuel Fernández participate in Madrid Design Festival with N5, a unique exhibition.

Cuadro collage de Madrid Craft Week

Madrid Craft Week

Madrid Craft Week is a unique initiative whose main objective is to support local commerce and crafts.

Salón verde del Museo del Romanticismo

Museum of Romanticism

Located on Calle San Mateo 13, the Museum of Romanticism is one of the jewels of Madrid that, through its rooms, takes you back to the 19th century.

Mujer vestida de blanco observa un montón de ropa

The Circular Project

The Circular Project is an ecological design project in Madrid, specialized in ethical and sustainable fashion.

Lámparas de araña sobre mesa con flores

Bridal House 2021

Bridal House is a unique event that presents a wedding fashion fair in digital format.