La modelo Laura Ponte vestida por ACROMATYX


ACROMATYX presenta

Acromatyx presents its new collection: “Follow me even if you don’t love me”, in collaboration with the outstanding artist, architect and designer Tito Pérez Mora. The artist has created an interesting fusion between art and fashion, proposing an artistic style that flees from conventionality. The jewellery brand Jane Bardot is also participating in the presentation of this new collection with its vacuum-packed pieces and others inspired by everyday objects such as wall hangers or paper clips, once again demonstrating its transgressive discourse.

Between Thursday 19 October and Saturday 21, the garments and jewellery can be seen in the exhibition at the Espacio ACROMATYX located at 13, Tabernillas Street. The opening hours to enjoy this exhibition are from 17h to 21h on Thursday 19th, from 16h to 20h on Friday 20th and from 11h to 14h on Saturday 21st October.

The “Follow me even if you don’t love me” collection advocates the search for beauty in everyday life. Through these creations, the designers want to vindicate simplicity, reminding the public that “everything depends on how you look at it”.

Some of the garments that are part of their new proposal are the “cooked suit”, “the trash jacket”, the “trash white shorts”, each of them meticulously designed and interpreted to invite you to appreciate the beauty in the simple.

ACROMATYX is once again collaborating with the firm Jane Bardot as it did in the last February edition of Madrid es Moda, reclaiming everyday objects and transforming them into works of art. They propose a series of pieces of meta-jewellery as vacuum-packed jewellery, redefining the relationship between everyday life, art and fashion.

From 19 to 21 October discover through the exhibition of the collection “Follow me even if you don ́t love me”, the work of ACROMATYX, the firm of designers Xavi García and Franx de Cristal in collaboration with Tito Pérez Mora and Jane Bardot in the ACROMATYX space located in the Latina neighbourhood, the place where they design their collections and house their temporary shop and workshop.