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New Small Business Webinars 2023

Nuevos Webinarios Pequeno Comercio 2023

As it was done during the past year 2022, the Madrid City Council and the University of Alcalá reaffirm their collaboration in favour of small traders by developing the Extraordinary Chair of Commerce directed by Pedro Cuesta Valiño and Blanca García Henche. This training consists of three webinars that seek to provide traders with all kinds of tools to develop their businesses, mainly using innovation and new technologies adapted to commercial strategies.

Therefore, the Extraordinary Chair of Commerce of the Madrid City Council and the University of Alcalá is aimed at all those small and medium-sized traders seeking to expand their businesses as well as traders’ associations.


Last spring 2023, the Extraordinary Chair of Commerce offered 3 webinars given by great professionals such as Rafael Ravina Ripoll (Director of the International University Network of Happiness), Mario Arias Oliva (Professor of Marketing at the UCM with experience in sales), and Pablo Contreras Contreras (Marketing consultant with more than 30 years of experience).

This autumn, the programme kicked off on Thursday 28 September with the webinar 4 ‘Merchant, take advantage of the benefits of Social Networks’ offered by Bárbara Castillo Abdul Hadi (PhD in Social Sciences and expert in Social Media and Communication).

On Thursday 26 October between 15h30 and 16h30, Enrique Bigné Alcañiz (Professor of Marketing at the University of Valencia) will give the webinar nº5 ‘Merchant, immersive technology does not wait 30 years for you, get ahead of it’.

And the last webinar of the season will be given by Silvia Gil Bernaldo de Quirós (Synergist specialising in Non-Verbal Non-Aware Communication) on Thursday 30 November from 15h30 to 16h30 and will be entitled ‘Marketer, learn to see in your customers what is invisible to others’.