Proyecto The Circular Project Shop

The Circular Project Shop

The Circular Project Shop

The Circular Project Shop is the first space in Madrid specializing in the marketing and dissemination of Sustainable and Ethic Fashion and whose goal is to support and promote it. Its name is a reference to the Circular Economy, since the main objective is to achieve a fashion that at the end of its life can be integrated into the environment, and that reuses, recycles and optimizes materials (Upcycling), as Sass Brown points out in his book EcoFashion: “very few products, much less clothing and garments, comply with the concept of sustainability in its entirety”.

The Circular Project Shop is therefore a project that seeks a triple impact:

Economic: generating work at different levels and real marketing alternatives.
Social: promoting another type of consumption in the textile industry and partnering with NGOs that work with social exclusion.
Environmental: working with organic and recycled fabrics.

We establish a joint collaboration with the brands that are put up for sale in their space for the diffusion of Sustainable Fashion, and to that effect there is a commitment towards this goal.