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Madrid Craft Week: The craft spirit is back

Madrid Craft Week Spring Edition: Vuelve el espíritu artesanal

Madrid Craft Week will take place from May 27 to June 5. The event once again promotes trade and crafts in the city of Madrid with its spring edition, the sixth since the event began to be held in the capital.

Authenticity, creativity and meticulous work are three of the fundamental ingredients of this new occasion, which not only aims to support crafts and local commerce in Madrid, but also invites residents and visitors to live unique experiences through a series of proposals that will take place in the participating establishments, more than 250 in this edition.

Workshops, visits, or exhibitions can be discovered during these days, to claim the importance of the craft world within the sectors of fashion, decoration, art and gastronomy, always claiming the relevance that sustainability has in this sector.

Javier Sanchez Medina
Moruecos cerámicas
Julieta Álvarez


On this new occasion, different associations of merchants from Madrid neighborhoods will participate again, such as Las Letras Street (Barrio de las Letras) Chueca Diversa Salesas Madrid  or , among many other collaborators, among which of course is the Madrid City Council, through the project.

madrid craft week spring edition activities programme

Craft Space: A market, where artisans who do not have a physical store can sell their products. A place to live unique, surprising experiences around the Craft & Trend world. The COAM (C/ Hortaleza, 63) will host the Espacio Craft on June 4 (11 a.m. to 9 p.m.) and June 5 (11 a.m. to 7 p.m.).

Craft Days: In this edition there will be conferences given by recognized craftsmen both nationally and internationally. These days will be dedicated to sharing and debating new ways of studying and reflecting on the conservation of traditional crafts in collaboration with design.The event seeks to propose and/or promote new structures to support the growth of crafts and will feature with the participation of highly relevant creative figures in the field of avant-garde design and crafts, such as Tomás Alía, Enrique Loewe, Henar Iglesias, Sophie Rowley, Ruudt Peters or Jokum Lind Jensen.

Special Circuit Luxury Hotels: different hotels in Madrid will participate in this new edition. They will be part of Madrid Craft Week: the Gran Hotel Inglés, the Palace Hotel, the Four Seasons Hotel and the Rosewood Hotel.

Madrid Craft Week – The Exhibition: For the first time, the Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum will organize an exhibition dedicated exclusively to crafts, in which different artisans from Madrid Craft Week will create unique pieces inspired by works from the museum. A unique opportunity that will value craftsmanship and its relationship with art. The exhibition, with free admission, can be visited on June 3 and 4 from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.

The small business in Madrid awaits you so you can make your purchases, since Madrid Craft Week may be the best opportunity to get unique products made with all the talent and professionalism of their creators, because when you buy in Madrid stores , you will be helping to boost the city’s economy and supporting local crafts.

route of participanting shops

Madrid craft week - Alexia Álvarez de Toledo
Madrid craft week - Footwear Franjul
Madrid craft week - Sessene layers

Do you want to know which are the businesses that will participate in this festival? Take note!

Madrid Craft Week Spring Edition 2022




CONCHA ORTEGA Calle de Moratín, 14A,

ENRAIZARTE Calle de Lope de Vega, 3

FÁBRICA DE TEXTURAS Calle de Meléndez Valdés, 34, Local 3,

LLOP MADRID Calle de San Pedro, 9,


MÁS QUE PIÑATAS Calle del Rosario, 6

MISSMSMITH La Manual, Calle de Zurita, 43

ÓSCAR ESTRUGA Calle de Fúcar, 17


STUDIO CERAMIC & PAPER Calle Colombia 27

ANNIEHOME Travesía de San Mateo, 9,

BALAKATA Calle de Juan Bravo, 22

CALMA CHECHU Calle Nenúfar, 15, 28039 Madrid

CAOLÍN Calle Moratín, 21, 28014, Madrid

CLARINA CERAMICS Calle del Olivar, 44, 28012 Madrid

COCOL Costanilla de San Andrés, 18

COSTA MALABAR Calle de Mira el Río Baja, 19

D’A CERAMICS Calle Doctor Fourquet 11, local izquierdo

DECO&LIVING Calle Berenisa, 41

DOOC Calle de Atocha, 73

ENRAIZARTE Calle de Lope de Vega, 3

ETUREL MADRID Calle de la Ruda, 8

HAGO BALLENAS Espacio LabBRut, Calle Capitán de oro

HIJO DE EPIGMENIO Calle de la Puebla, 13

ITAKA CERAMICS Calle Capitán de Oro 1

KILOMBO HOME Calle de Serrallo, 29

MESTIZO STORE Calle Piamonte, 4

MOSAISTA Calle de San Pedro, 16

OFELIA HOME DECOR Calle del Barquillo, 33

OLARRA MARCOS Calle de Lope de Vega, 21, Bajo

PATA DE GALLO Calle de Pelayo, 10

RUE VINTAGE 74 Pje. de Doña Carlota, 6, 28002 Madrid

SIMPLY RICKSHAW Calle de la Unión, 1, 28013 Madrid

SOL&LUNA Calle de Núñez de Balboa, 79, 28006 Madrid

TADO Calle de Echegaray, 31, 28014 Madrid

TESLA Calle de Sta. María, 17, 28014 Madrid

TIENDAS PARDO Plaza Jesús, 3, 28014 Madrid

TILA BARRENA Calle de Sta. María, 37, 28014 Madrid

VAJILLAS BY NURIA BLANCO Calle Fernán Caballero, 2Bis, 28019 Madrid

VAJILLAS DE ULTRAMAR Calle del Gral. Castaños, 13, 1º dcha, 28004 Madrid

LA INTEGRAL Calle del León, 25, 28014

BLANCA SOTO Calle de Almadén, 16, 28014 Madrid

FORMATO CÓMODO Calle de Lope de Vega, 5, 28014 Madrid

FURIOSA Calle de Almadén, 13, 28014 Madrid

LEANDRO NAVARRO Calle del Amor de Dios, 1, 28014 Madrid

MAR DE VIDA ART Calle de Moratín, 23, 28014 Madrid

MY NAME IS LOLITA Calle de Almadén, 12, 28014 Madrid

PONCE + ROBLES Calle de la Alameda, 5, 28014 Madrid

THE GOMA Calle de Fúcar, 12, 28014 Madrid

HEREDERO DE CRISPÍN Calle de Moratín, 25, 28014 Madrid

CEMENT DESIGN Calle de Gravina, 14, 28004 Madrid

LA TURMIX Calle López Silva 4 28005 Madrid

MODUS OPERANDI Calle Lope de Vega, 31, 28014 Madrid

MONBULL CORNER Calle de Almadén, 19, 28014 Madrid

MAITE ORTEGA Calle del Pez, nº 27, oficina 214-A, 28004, Madrid

STUDIO SQUINA Calle del Amparo 94 L20 28012 Madrid

WEAREHANDMAKERS Calle el Escorial, 11, 28004 Madrid

CABEZA DE CALABAZA Calle el Escorial, 11, 28004 Madrid

ENCUIRE Calle el Escorial, 11, 28004 Madrid LA CUESTA Calle de Echegaray, 32, Local, 28014

TETÉ CAFÉ COSTURA Calle San Pedro 7, 28014 Madrid

MUSEO THYSSEN Paseo del Prado, 8, 28014 Madrid

REAL FABRICA Calle de Cervantes, 9, 28014 Madrid

AZARTE Calle de San Marcos 19, 28004 Madrid

ARTE HOY Calle de la Cabeza 26, 28012 Madrid

AMASARTE Calle de las Minas 6, 28004 Madrid

BUENAVENTURA Paseo Imperial 8 , 28005 Madrid

CÁNTARO CERÁMICA Flor Baja 8, 28013 Madrid

EVA HERNÁNDEZ San Marcelo, 28017 Madrid

FLORENTINO ARTESANOS Maldonadas con Plaza Cascorro

JULIETA ÁLVAREZ CERAMICS Pelayo 78, 28004 Madrid

LUMBRE Y BARRO Gaztambide 24, 28015 Madrid

MADRID FLOWER SCHOOL Canillas 34, 28002 Madrid

MORUECO CERÁMICAS Plaza General Vara de Rey 5, 28005 Madrid

NUM STUDIO Libertad 26, 28004 Madrid

OLALLA GAMBÍN Conde Xiquena 13, 28004 Madrid

SAKURA ATELIER Entrada por Paso de Carruajes (Garaje C de Feijóo 5), 28010 Madrid

SOMOS BONJOUR Donoso Cortés 3, 28015 Madrid

TÁCTIL Santa Feliciana, 28010 Madrid


BODEGUILLA LOS ROTOS  Calle de las Huertas, 74, 28014 Madrid

DIS – TINTO TABERNA Calle del Duque de Medinaceli, 12, 28014 Madrid

EL BARRIL DE LAS LETRAS Calle de Cervantes, 28, 28014 Madrid

EL ECONOMATO Calle de Echegaray, 16, 28014 Madrid

EL GALLO CANTA Calle de Jesús, 2, 28014 Madrid

GANZ WINE BAR   Calle de Almadén, 9, 28014 Madrid

TABERNA DISTINTO Calle del Duque de Medinaceli, 12, 28014 Madrid

VIDES  Calle de la Libertad, 12, 28004 Chueca, Madrid

VIVA MADRID Calle de Manuel Fernández y González, no 7, 28014 Madrid

ACID CAFÉ Calle de la Verónica, 9, 28014 Madrid

ALITER DULCIA Calle de Barbieri, 25, 28004 Madrid

ANTIGUA PASTELERÍA DEL POZO Calle del Pozo, 8, 28012 Madrid

BOKOKO Calle del León, 28, 28014 Madrid

BROWN BEAR BAKERY Calle del León, 10, 28014 Madrid

CAFÉ MIRANDA Calle de las Huertas, 29, 28014 Madrid

CAFÉS TORNASOL Calle de Santa Isabel, No5, Planta Baja, 28012 Madrid

ESTELA HOJALDRE Plaza Jesús, 5, 28014 Madrid

FELIZ COFFEE Calle de Lope de Vega, 2, 28014 Madrid

LA MEJOR TARTA DE CHOCOLATE Calle de Alcalá, 89, 28009 Madrid

LA PRIMA LEJANA Calle de Lope de Vega, 7, 28014 Madrid

MATILDA CAFÉ Calle de Almadén, 15, 28014 Madrid

MOTTEAU PASTELERÍA Calle de San Pedro, 9, 28014 Madrid

PASTELERÍA CREATIVA JR Calle de Moratín, 39, 28014 Madrid

SUFU Calle de Lope de Vega, 3, 28014 Madrid

1862 DRY BAR Calle del Pez, 27, 28004 Madrid

100% MÉXICO Calle del Duque de Medinaceli, 12, 28014 Madrid

CASA 28 Calle Espiritu Santo, 28, Madrid, 28004

LA CHINATA DE CHUECA Calle de Gravina, 10, 28004 Madrid

CASA PAJUELO Calle de Atocha, 92, 28012 Madrid

CHOCOLAT Calle de Sta. María, 30, 28014 Madrid

MANTUANO CHOCOLATE Calle Galiana, 14, 28011 Madrid

24 ONZAS Zurbano 54, 2810 Madrid

PAN Y PEPINILLOS Calle de El Escorial 2, 28004 Madrid

PINTA EN COPAS Velarde 3, 28004 Madrid


BOUTIQUE X3 Calle de Campoamor,5 Esquina C/Santa Teresa, 28004 Madrid

JÁPINES  Calle de Fernando VI, 2, 28004 Madrid

MUY-MAD  Calle de Juan Álvarez Mendizábal, 12, 28008 Madrid

O-GLEZ Calle de Fernando VI, 11, 1G, 28004 Madrid

GINGER AND VELVET Calle de Fernando VI, 11, 1G, 28004 Madrid

MALICIA  Calle de San José, 4, 28014 Madrid

CUERO Y ALMA Calle Aranjuez, 23 bis, 28039 Madrid

PIAMONTE Calle Marqués de Monasterio, 5, 28004 Madrid

POHORYLLE Calle San Pedro, 9 (Huertas). 28014 Madrid

MALABABA  Calle de Serrano, 8, 28001 Madrid –  Calle de Sta. Teresa, 5, 28004 Madrid

EL 33 DE MARCENADO Calle Marcenado 33, 28002, Madrid

ATELIER LISI FRACCHIA Calle Mayor, 4, planta 2, 28013, Madrid.

HELENA ROHNER Calle Almendro 4, BD, 28005, Madrid

KAREN HALLAM Travesía de Belén, 2, local 1, 28004 Madrid

MUSARAÑA C. de Moratín, 24, 28014 Madrid

LA INTRUSA Calle del León, 17, 28014 Madrid

PESETA Calle de las Huertas, 37, 28014 Madrid

BAREI  Plaza de Chueca, 8, 28004 Madrid

COLMADO SHOP Calle de Moratín, 38, 28014 Madrid

LACE IT Calle de Campoamor, 3, 28004 Madrid

LAQOCHA Calle del General Díaz Porlier, 19, 28001 Madrid

OTTO STORE C. de Moratín, 20, 28014 Madrid

PEZ Calle de Regueros, 15, 28004 Madrid

PINAR Calle de la Verónica, 15, 28014 Madrid

RUBÉN GALARRETA Calle de San Marcos, 8, 28004 Madrid

SASTRERÍA SERNA  Calle del Gral. Pardiñas, 54, 28001 Madrid

SOL AND ROL Calle de Campoamor, 4, 28004 Madrid

XOAN VIQUEIRA Calle de Gravina, 22, Local 5, 28004 Madrid

ANDRÉS GALLARDO  Calle de San Pedro, 8, 28014 Madrid

AY CANDELA!Calle de Lope de Vega, 12, 28014 Madrid

EDUARDO RIVERA Plaza del Ángel, 4, 28012 Madrid

LOLITA MCTISELL Calle del León, 14, 28014 Madrid

MISERIA Calle de la Verónica, 15, 28014 Madrid

OJALÁ! PALOMA DEL POZO Calle de las Huertas, 5, 28012 Madrid

THE CORNER Calle de las Huertas, 17, 28012 Madrid

CALZADOS FRANJUL Calle de Lope de Vega, 11, 28014 Madrid

DE FLORES Y FLOREROS Calle Almirante 16, 28004 Madrid

GLENT SHOES Calle Claudio Coello, 21, 28001, Madrid

MINT & ROSECalle Argensola 15, 28004, Madrid

PEDRO GARCÍA Callejón Jorge Juan, Local, Calle de Jorge Juan, 12, 28001 Madrid

SUELA SHOES Calle Goya 17, Patio Interior, Madrid 28001

TIPI SHOP Calle de la Alameda, 10, 28014 Madrid

TERESA ENTRETEJIDOSCalle de Fomento, 26, 28013 Madrid

DIWALITT Calle Velázquez 31, 28001, Madrid

HAMCalle Capitán de Oro 1, 28019 Madrid

NAMUR COLLECTION Calle del General Arrando, 12, 28010 Madrid

CAPAS SESEÑA Calle de la Cruz, 23, 28012 Madrid

SOCK MARKET Calle de Gravina, 12, 28004 Madrid

SOCK MARKET Calle de Gravina, 12, 28004 Madrid

PIPOCA Calle del León, 5, 28014 Madrid

TEMECÉ SHOWROOM Paseo del Prado 34 3D, 28014 Madrid

GENUMIS Calle Velázquez, 31, 28001 Madrid

ANALAMATA Paseo de la Florida 28, 28008 Madrid

CHARO IGLESIAS San Roque 12 – 1º Izq, 28004 Madrid

LALABEYOU Farmacia 5, 28004 Madrid

MABEL SANZ San Lorenzo 5, 28004 Madrid

MARIO CRUZ Calle de la Ruda, 9, 28005 Madrid

MIMOKI Conde de Aranda 8, 28001 Madrid

OLVIDO MADRID Conde de Xiquena 2, 28004, Madrid

YOLANDA ANDRÉS Calle de la Encomienda 15, 28012, Madrid


SHAVE BARBERS AND SPA Calle Libertad, 39 (Chueca), 28004 Madrid

Dra. JULIANA MATTOZZI Calle Reina Mercedes, 23, Madrid

ALEXANDRA ARRAEZ Calle Gurtubay, 8, local, 28001, Madrid

V30 Calle Velázquez Nº 30. Bajo. 28001 Madrid

ZELAI OPTICA Plaza de Chueca, 9, 28004 Madrid

L’ ATELIER ÓPTICA Calle de Moratín, 18, 28014 Madrid


PLANTHAE  Calle Santa Ana, 3, 28005, Madrid

AD HOC Calle del León, 11, 28014 Madrid

EL ÁNGEL DEL JARDÍN  Calle de las Huertas, 2, 28012 Madrid

EL FLORISTA Calle de Almadén, 12, 28014 Madrid

FLOREA  Calle de la Ruda, 2, 28005 Madrid

MARGARITA SE LLAMA MI AMOR Calle de Fernando VI, 9, 28004 Madrid

VIOLETAS Esquina Plaza de Chueca, Calle de Augusto Figueroa, 35, 28004 Madrid


LOS PEQUEÑOS SERES LIBRERIA Calle de la Ribera de Curtidores, 19, 28005 Madrid

TASCHEN Calle del Barquillo, 30, 28004 Madrid

FELIPE CONDE GUITARRERO Calle de Arrieta, 4, 28013 Madrid

PITARQUE ROBOTS Pasaje Doña Carlota 17 Bajo A, se entra por c/Padre Claret

KAMCHATKA MAGIC TOYS Calle San Agustín 18, 28014, Madrid

MOTOS MAZARIAS Calle de San Pedro, 13, 28014 Madrid

PAPELORIO C.C. ABC SERRANO, Planta baja, local 5

PAPELORIO C.C. ABC SERRANO Calle Serrano, 61. 28006, Madrid

HOTEL URBAN Carrera de S. Jerónimo, 34, 28014 Madrid


LA MANUAL Calle Zurita 43, 28012, Madrid

LA QUINTA DEL SORDO Calle del Rosario, 15, 28005 Madrid

LABBRUT Calle Capitán de Oro 1, 28019 Madrid

Cervezas alhambra presents

Cervezas Alhambra reaffirms its support for crafts and the work of artisans through a unique collaboration with Madrid Craft Week, the week of crafts held in the capital from May 27 to June 5. ‘El Barrio Sin Prisa de Cervezas Alhambra’ will be located in the emblematic area of ​​the Barrio de las Letras and surroundings and will feature different activities that will involve shops, establishments and workshops. See all the information about this initiative at the following Link.

Madrid Craft Week Spring Edition 2022