Diseños de los alumnos de IED

Emerging Design Month at the Museo del Traje

Mes del Diseño Emergente en el Museo del Traje

The Museo del Traje  (Costume Museum) presents the exhibition ‘Mes del Diseño Emergente’ (‘Emerging Design Month’) by Injuve, which can be seen until July 3 with the work of students from some of the Design Schools in our country, such as Escuela Superior de Diseño de la Rioja (ESDIR) or la Universidad Francisco de Vitoria. The director of the museum, Helena López de Hierro accompanies Madrid Capital de Moda on a guided tour of the exhibition in which you can see the work of the new talents of Spanish fashion.


The Mes del Diseño Emergente (Emerging Design Month) began in 2012 when the Museo del Traje proposed to different fashion schools in our country to participate in this initiative by showing their projects, the museum serving as a great showcase for young creators who were in training in fashion design and jewelry design.

Since then, says Helena López de Hierro, the event has been changing over time, arriving at the current model, in which Emerging Design Month is celebrated in June, after launching the call at the end of February and choosing the projects participants during the month of April. “We realized that by contrasting the work of some schools with others, the level necessarily rose, because the interesting thing about the project is that it also shows what form of teaching each of the participating schools has.” says the director of the museum.

The Museo del Traje has been one of the channels for disseminating fashion in Spain for many years, which is why – says Helena López de Hierro – this project gives us the opportunity to publicize all the different training systems that exist in fashion, because our theme is very particular and the museum is the custodian of all that heritage.



In the exhibition that the Museo del Traje hosts, it can be seen in the works presented by different fashion schools that the theme of sustainability is very present in their philosophy, since they teach their students to optimize their resources. In addition, in the projects presented for the Emerging Design Month, you can see their own conceptual base in each one of them, but at the same time, they all claim the importance of craftsmanship within Spanish fashion, or the change of patterns towards a model more fluid.

According to Helena López de Hierro: “If you are interested in doing any study in fashion, what better showcase than coming to a national museum dedicated to this subject to see what is being done.” At the same time, the director highlights that this type of project also supposes a great learning for the public about the work that the students of the fashion schools are doing when it comes to developing their collections.



In this edition of the Emerging Design Month, the eighth that the Museo del Traje hosts, different fashion and design schools from different parts of our country participate. The project carried out by INJUVE provides the beneficiary projects of its grants for young creation with a series of economic endowments so that creators can develop their collections or their brands through said national grants.

This 2021, the initiative has counted, in others, with the participation of schools such as Crea Navarra, which has brought its project to life through collaboration with Bodegas Otazu, which have been inspired both in the staging and in the designs themselves. in the wine from the land of Navarra. On the other hand, the CSDMM (Higher Center for Fashion Design of Madrid – Polytechnic University of Madrid) presents ‘Intangible’, a game with the classic fashion mannequins and new technologies since two of the fashion shows can be seen through a QR code which were the final year projects of the students who could not show them in person due to the pandemic.

Other proposals that can be seen in this exhibition is the work of the Community of Madrid school, Arte Diez has reinterpreted Malevich’s ‘White on White’. This tribute to the Russian painter has been given with the joint participation of window dressing classes (which have designed the structure of the assembly), fashion design and drawing, which has created a game of textures and materials. For its part, the Madrid school KROOM Dos has based itself on the spiral as the main ideal to show the process of creating the garments, while the Madrid IED has created a tribute to Mariano Fortuny after a long process of studying the pleating, stamping and engineering processes of the genius from Granada.

As the director Helena López de Hierro explains: “clothing is something very everyday and we think it comes out of nowhere, but there is a whole job behind creation, design, clothing, knowledge of fabrics, shapes and it is also a creative and anthropological proposal and that is precisely what is seen in this exhibition that shows all that variety of ways of creating.”

You already know, stop by the Costume Museum and enjoy the Emerging Design Month.