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The best Christmas festival arrives: Enciende Madrid!

 The best Christmas festival arrives: Enciende Madrid!

Christmas is the most magical time of the year. The city is filled with lights flooding everything with a festive spirit that nobody can resist.
As it could not be otherwise, Madrid Capital De Moda participates in a very special action, collaborating with Acotex and the magazine Nuevo Estilo: the urban festival Enccend Madrid !.

Salesas, one of the most chic neighborhoods in the capital, becomes one of the key points of the Christmas map thanks to this beautiful initiative that you can not miss to enjoy as never before.

From December 28 to January 7, decorators, architects, designers and artists will decorate the windows of shops in the Barrio de las Salesas. Approximately 30 ephemeral installations can be enjoyed thanks to the best talent of Spanish interior design thanks to this first edition of Enciende Madrid!

The Madrid City Council, through the Madrid Capital de Moda project collaborates in this event supporting the commercial activity of this area, enhancing the unique qualities of small and medium-sized businesses.

The Christmas lights will be the protagonists of the showcases of art galleries, fashion stores, design and restaurants of the Salesas district, which as can be seen with the street market Salesas Village [The Festival] on the first Saturday of each month, It is a magnificent enclave to discover the latest trends in crafts and fashion.

Do you want to know what are the shops that will participate in this festival and who will create the windows? Take note!

Enciende Madrid!


  • Virginia Albuja – Fan Fan Moda : C/ Almirante, 6
  • Hemere / Estudio Diseño Absoluto – Almirante 6: C/ Almirante, 6
  • Hemere / Blanca Hevia – Ego: C/ Almirante, 7
  • Style & Soul Events Decor – Escaparate XXI: C/ Almirante, 8
  • ESD Proyectos – Ararat: C/ Almirante 10 – 11
  • Colindante Studio – Flores y Floreros: C/ Almirante, 16
  • John L. Arevalo – Verónico Seco F. – Step: C/ Almirante, 28
  • Nebo Studio – Circo Kids: C/ Argensola, 2
  • CUBird Studio – Sommett: C/ Argensola, 2
  • Top Design Madrid –  Gant: C/ Barquillo, 32
  • Manuel Espejo – Soloio: C/ Barquillo, 35
  • Backsteen – Tenkey: C/ Barquillo, 45
  • Ocott Estudio – Sol and Rol: C/ Campoamor, 4
  • Crea Navarra: Boutique X3: C/ Campoamor, 5
  • TESTA Studio – Hi Ip: C/ Fernando VI, 8
  • Raúl Martins Estudio – Lab La Marca: C/ Fernando VI, 10
  • Macarena Santos Arquitectura & Interiorismo y Bontemps Les Espaces – Nac Madrid: C/ Genóva, 18
  • Macarena Santos Arquitectura & Interiorismo y Bontemps Les Espaces – The Corner: C/ Orellana, 12
  • Filo Studio – Roble Negro: C/ Pelayo, 66
  • Grado en Diseño de Interiores UPM (Beatriz de Miguel y Elena Gruber) – Bohemian Blue: C/ Piamonte, 18
  • Once Lunas Estudio De Interiorismo – Benni Room: C/ Piamonte, 21
  • Noviembre Interiorismo y Comunicación – Pez: C/ Regueros, 15
  • Ximenz y Fernando Álvarez de Lara – Malababa: C/ Santa Teresa, 5


  • JardinesPiteri– Apodemia: C/ Fernando VI, 21
  • Irene Parra & Cristina Aymerich – La Boenne Etoile: C/ Plaza Salesas, 7


  • Maite Mayorga Interior Design – La Chingona: C/ Argensola, 7
  • PLAF_estudio – Lo Siguiente: C/ Fernando VI, 11
  • AS interiorista – Mamá Framboise: C/ Fernando VI, 23
  • Globalharmonydeco – Maison Melie: C/ Genóva, 11
  • Picado-DeBlas Arquitectos – Sr Martín: C/ Orellana, 19
  • ÚrsulaSiente Proyectos / Fundación Entreculturas – Magdalena de Proust: C/ Regueros, 8
  • Emma Sánchez Miranda Interiorismo Santo Globo – Shushi Room: C/ Santa Teresa, 8


  • Ele Room 62 – To Be Aguilar Delgado : C/ Bárbara de Braganza, 2
  • Acinco – Hand Made Beauty: C/ Conde Xiquena, 17
  • Crea Navarra – Henna Morena: C/ Piamonte, 18


  • La Nave Home – La Nave Home : C/ Almirante, 2
  • Le Carrousell – Le Carrousell: C/ Argensola, 5
  • Amaro Sánchez de Moya – Atípica: C/ General Castaños, 13
  • Institución Artística Enseñanza IADE – Hola Guille: C/ Pelayo, 43
  • XCHE Arquitectura e Interiorismo – The Interiorlist: C/ Santo Tomé, 4


  • ESD Arquitectura Efímera – La Peliculera: C/ Argensola, 2

If this Christmas you want to live the illusion of this era and at the same time buy the most exclusive gifts, stop by the Barrio de las Salesas from November 28 to January 7.