Fotos de los cuatro nuevos diseñadores que forman parte de ACME

New fashion firms join ACME

Nuevas firmas de moda de autor se incorporan a ACME


The Association of Fashion Creators of Spain in its clear and firm commitment to Spanish designer fashion welcomes four new firms to continue building a team and continue its growth by bringing together the main national brands.

Acromatyx, Eduardo Navarrete, Isabel Sanchís and Otrura are companies of different sizes and types that have in common their commitment to Made in Spain, responsible production, the renewal of tradition and the enhancement of trades.


Previously known as 44 Studio, Xavi García and Franx de Cristal begin a new stage under the name of Acromatyx. Its main objective is the transformation of tailoring through a transgressive style but without neglecting a careful manufacturing with an eye on international expansion and its commitment to the Asian market. For Acromatyx, “being part of the Association is a source of pride since we are adding value to our brand. We believe that unity is strength and together we contribute a grain of sand to support Spanish fashion. “


eduardo navarrete

He began making himself known in the first edition of Maestros de la Costura (Masters of Sewing) program, and thanks to his great creativity and personality he has become a well-known name in emerging national fashion. His style seeks to renew the traditional languages ​​of sewing, displaying his irreverence embodied in fun and relaxed designs. “Joining ACME makes me very excited. I come with ideas, freshness and joy to contribute to Spanish fashion “, declares Navarrete.


isabel sanchís

This family brand takes its name from its creator who with more than 30 years of existence has her daughter Paula Maiques. Isabel Sanchís, who has great international recognition, with points of sale in more than 40 countries, has recently joined the official calendar of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Madrid with her voluminous pieces and ethereal fabrics. For Isabel Sanchís “it is an honor and a privilege to be part of ACME. We hope to contribute new ideas and illusions by working together for the recognition of Spanish fashion ”.


Sergio Lázaro y Verónica Abián dirigen esta firma que  se caracteriza por reivindicar la artesanía, la responsabilidad y la calidad, apostando siempre por la creación de prendas atemporales hechas para perdurar. Para los Otrura, ACME es un actor fundamental para el cuidado de los valores que unen a los creadores de moda. “Es un privilegio poder formar parte de un camino iniciado por otros tantos compañeros, de enorme talento, que peregrinan por un camino común que transitaremos con todas nuestras fuerzas, intentando conseguir objetivos compartidos y ayudándonos entre todos”, declaran.

Sergio Lázaro and Verónica Abián run this firm that is characterized by claiming craftsmanship, responsibility and quality, always betting on the creation of timeless garments made to last. For the Otrura, ACME is a fundamental actor in the care of the values ​​that unite fashion creators. “It is a privilege to be part of a path started by so many colleagues, of enormous talent, who are on a pilgrimage along a common path that we will travel with all our strength, trying to achieve shared goals and helping each other“, they declare.