Maniquíes vestidos por alumnos de la Universidad Francisco de Vitoria

Mes del Diseño Emergente Exhibition returns to the Museo del Traje

Mes del Diseño Emergente Exhibition returns to the Museo del Traje

The Museo del Traje  presents the Injuve ‘Mes del Diseño Emergente‘ exhibition that can be seen until July 2 with the work of students from some of the Design Schools in our country, such as the Francisco de Vitoria or the CSDMM-UPM.

The director of the museum, Helena López de Hierro, once again accompanies Madrid Capital de Moda on a guided tour of this new edition of the exhibition, in which you can see the work of new talents in Spanish fashion.


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9th edition of the exhibition

Since 2012, the Museo del Traje presents a new edition of the Mes del Diseño Emergente (Emerging Design Month) every year, which this 2023 has 12 design schools from different parts of our country.

According to Helena López de Hierro, the most interesting thing about this ninth edition is that we observe that this project has more quality every year and, above all, more involvement on the part of the schools, and we continue to really like the idea that we are involved in its school and curricular calendar, because that makes us feel part of all the creation processes and also implication with the new fashion creators.

El Mes del Diseño Emergente  proposes, both to participants and visitors, in the words of Helena: an exhibition made up of micro-exhibitions where the projects are very different and in which the rotation in space also allows us to play with the combination between them, which is the curating part carried out by the museum.

speech line & inspirations 

The freedom that the students of the participating schools is absolute, which is evident in each of the projects presented. However, each one of them has lines that converge, showing the concerns and questions that the new creators of Spanish fashion are asking themselves.

Helena comments that sustainability is something that is implicit in the creation of all young and non-young designers. Right now it is a fundamental line and at the same time, the theme of gender is something that is very implicit in the creations, which means that this year there are super creative designs in this sense. In addition, in this new edition of the Emerging Design Month of the Museo del Traje, the volume has a special relevance in the proposals created by the students and what is interesting is to observe the reinterpretation that each one of the schools has made of it and how they have done it. transformed when it came to being inspired to create the garments on display.

participating projects 

In this nith edition of the Mes del Diseño Emergene, the Museo del Traje hosts, different fashion and design schools from different parts of our country participate. The project carried out by INJUVE contributes to the beneficiary projects of its grants for young creation a series of economic endowments so that the creators can develop their collections or their brands through said national grants.

INJUVE has once again participated in this new edition, showing the designs of the creators who have won their scholarships, who, like the rest of the schools, participate by showing the designs of Teresa Boa and Ana Micaela.

Grado de Diseño de Moda. Universidad Complutense de Madrid: The collection that bears the name VOLUM stems from a research process on the figure and work of Antonio Gaudí that leads to 3 unisex looks.

UDIT – ESNE: Mateo Millet presents a very personal proposal inspired by putrefaction, where the fabric is the most interesting, in which his idea of ​​what is organic, what is natural, what degrades, can be perfectly appreciated.

EASD MESTRE MATEO: Claudia Figueria Caamaño reviews Pre-Raphaelite art through dreamlike and delicate garments in aquamarine green and pink tones. She also presents a book in which you can see the entire work process with the author’s textures, colors or patterns.

➖ Crea Navarra. Arte Digital y Tecnología:   Pattern making is the protagonist in the “Dark Sense” proposal, made up of garments that hide and show, and with sustainable materials, it develops the great capacity that textiles have to surprise.

➖ Universidad Francisco de Vitoria: Following a sports line, this collection called “Upcyclinggarments” is created using recycled garments that can be redesigned in order to give production a second life and alleviate the effects of mass production.

➖ Centro Superior de Diseño y Moda de Madrid: All the looks presented by CSDMM this edition are inspired by an issue of the fashion magazine that the school celebrates its tenth anniversary this year. In addition, through the QR, you can access all the information about the magazine and the works exhibited.

➖ Kroomdos: Presenting the end-of-year projects of some of its students, the school takes us into a fairytale world where we can appreciate fantastic garments that come to life through their curious assembly of puppets.

➖ IED Madrid: Titled ‘Hybrid’, this apparently simple project proposes a game of hybridization between different artistic disciplines such as cinema, architecture or furniture.

➖ Escuela Superior de Diseño de la Rioja (ESDIR): Inspired by origami, ESDIR’s creation for this new edition of Mes del Diseño Emergente is committed to recycled materials in this non-commercial collection.

➖ Institución Artística de Enseñanza (IADE): ‘The vigor of a sigh’ is a collection that evokes a breakwater and invites the viewer to question the source of their desires, in which fashion and design students from this school have participated together.

➖  Escuela de Arte Diez:  Tribute to Vivian Westwood in the Arte Diez proposal entitled “Queen of Punk” which at the same time places special emphasis on recycled materials.

➖  Escuela de Arte 3: The School of Plastic Arts and Design participates in this new edition showing the final projects of the students of the last two years that consist of original jewelry and goldsmith proposals.

The director Helena López de Hierro comments that: From the museum we really like to be, with this project for schools, one of the places where they undertake their training activities, for this reason, throughout this month, we are going to be dedicated to their needs, which in the end are ours, because we want to be one of the strongest supporters, we want the Costume Museum to be their home.

Now you know, stop by the Costume Museum and enjoy Emerging Design Month.