Interior de librería con gente, estanterías y expositor

Madrid’s Bookshops : Much more than shops

Las librerías de Madrid: Mucho más que unas tiendas de libros


Bookstores have an enormous importance in the cities, not only from the point of view of reading, but also culturally and economically. It is about offering the general public a wide range of goods and services with which to satisfy their cultural concerns. Reading is also an essential instrument in the educational process, it is also a leisure activity from which an economic impact is derived.

From Madrid Capital de Madrid,  we consider that it is essential to support the bookstore sector since the specific weight of bookstores is considerable, and its contribution to promoting citizens’ reading habits deserves to be taken into account. According to the latest edition of the study “Reading Habits and Buying Books at CAM”, carried out by the General Sub-Directorate of Books, the population of Madrid prefers to buy their books in specialized spaces such as bookstore chains (41.8%) or bookstores independent (37.7%). Madrid represents in terms of book consumption 22.4% of the entire internal market. One more point: Madrid bookstores employ 1,138 people, which represents 17.6% of the national total.

Beyond the numbers, bookstores are much more than a commercial establishment where books are sold. They are not understood as entities of the cultural life of cities: the value they bring to the neighborhoods in which they are located is unquestionable. As true cultural promoters that they are, they contribute to their development and well-being.

The bookstores have a space to fill and a lot to say to continue developing their traditional work of recommendation and advice, which is why the figure of the bookseller is essential; These professionals love books, but above all they are great readers. Apart from selling them, they are economic managers who buy, register, store and offer.

After difficult circumstances such as those we have recently experienced, bookstores require support from the public powers, to be part of the debate that arises around the defense of the publishing sector and that their place in the book value chain is respected. . In times as troubled as today, it is necessary to look back at what is close, what is authentic, what is collaborative, what is committed, how to share basic values ​​… and bookstores promote all that.

Remember that also, this year due to the exceptional situation we have experienced, Book Day will be celebrated on July 23. You already know, support Madrid bookstores and enjoy thousands of stories to live reading. Also during this special day, in different bookstores a series of actions will take place that you cannot miss:

Sale of books outside the bookstore:

Librería Mujeres (From 10 am to 2 pm  – From 5 pm to 8 pm) 

Traficantes de sueños (From 10 am to 2 pm)  / El Coleccionista / Librería Don Bosco / Felipa

Special Actions

Berkana: Table with books and signature of authors (10:30 am – 9 pm) 

Jarcha: Book Day celebration organized by the Municipal Board and neighborhood associations. (10 am – 2 pm)

Felipa:  Felipa Librera’ s Centenary (1920 -2020) 7 pm

Cervantes y Compañía: Rafael Reig signs copies of  ‘Amor intempestivo’ From 12 pm to 2 pm

Muga Bookstore: Book stop and signature of authors (7:30 pm  – 10:30 pm)

Librerías de Madrid

[*]  List of bookstores in Madrid: Discover our photo gallery!

Librería Berkana – The Berkana bookstore (1993) is the first bookstore specialized in LGTB themes in Spain and Latin America. Here you can find both great classics of LGBT literature, as well as the latest market news. We have a broad background of narrative, essay, biography, poetry, photography and illustration.

Librería Antonio Machado – Next year will be half a century old. In these years, he has committed himself to being a basic bookstore, to flee from the weight of the novelty or the mass book, to take care of the sections and texts that, even though they are minorities, he understands as essential, but above all to communicate, recommend and be open to discussing books with readers.

Akira Cómics – Independent and family bookstore specialized in comics and fantasy founded in 1993. Winner of the international award “Eisner Spirit of Comics” in 2012. Since 2018 it is also the most original comic book store in the peninsula, since it offers an immersive and unique experience to the visitor. . In it, customers can take photos next to emblematic places of the fantasy world such as the house of Frodo Baggins from The Lord of the Rings, the Death Star from Star Wars or the TARDIS from Doctor Who.

Librería Méndez –Located at 18 Calle Mayor, our bookstore opened in 1977. Since then we have tried to create a broad and diverse cultural fabric through our readings and encounters with authors and authors. in our hallmark.

Librería Kirikú y la bruja -Madrid-based bookstore specialized in children’s and youth literature, which opened its doors in September 2003. It is a meeting place for readers and future readers, with books, their stories and their creators. A place where “PASAS COSAS” always happens, a bookstore connected to the neighborhood and a 15-minute walk from El Retiro Park, on Calle Rafael Salazar Alonso

Liberespacio – Dedicated to children’s and young people’s literature, she will be 10 years old next September, 10 years looking for little great treasures to discover books for young and old, making recommendations for reading and creative activities with the authors and illustrators of books, who buy a book an experience to remember. We seek to enter the bookstore as a pleasure, a parenthesis in the daily rush.

Librería Rafael Alberti – Reference bookstore in Madrid, with more than 25,000 titles in Humanities, Literature, Poetry, Art and specialized children’s and youth section. It stands out, without a doubt, for its effervescent literature promotion activity with meetings between readers and authors, presentations, poetry readings, signatures, specialized reading clubs and children’s activities.

Mujeres y Compañía -Bookstore specialized in literature, essays, children’s stories, comics, illustrations … feminists, non-sexists and LGTBIAQ +. In addition to publicizing feminist works, rescuing the literary legacy of women and spreading a non-sexist and peaceful culture, the Women and Company association is, with the bookstore as a platform, a political place to learn from the knowledge and experience of all, in addition to a place of diffusion of the word written by women.

Tipos Infames – Bookstore specialized in independent literary narrative located in Malasaña. Diversify its activity by offering a library, cafeteria, wine bar and exhibition hall in its space. Bet on independent publishers and authors, as well as other differentiated and quality products such as wines and beers. It also has new and well-kept illustrated album sections, children’s and youth literature, poetry and graphic novel.

Marcial Pons -About to turn 75, Marcial Pons is one of the oldest bookstores in Madrid. It remains faithful to its founder’s idea, specialization, with two establishments open to the public, one specialized in Humanities and the other in Law and Social Sciences. They are referent spaces in their specialties where you can find books by more than 10,000 publishers from around the world. The leading export bookstore also has a website that receives more than 18,000 orders a year.

Librería Jarcha -Bookshop specializing in children’s and youth literature, a field in which they have made animation efforts, and a specialty with which they have attended the Madrid Book Fair for more than 30 years. For nine years we have maintained a stable gathering that brings together about 25 people to talk about the “book of the month” that they choose among all. It is part of the Kiriko Group with which they carry out specific work with children and parents, facilitating reading guides and periodically holding storytelling sessions.

Librería Desnivel -It is the oldest bookstore in Spain that remains in its original location. Specialized in mountain, travel and adventure. On its shelves you can find books, maps, magazines and videos. In a few years it has become an inescapable cultural center for all lovers of mountains and adventure. The great figures of international mountaineering have passed through this establishment.

La Librería -With more than three decades of life, it is located in the historical heart of Madrid, on Calle Mayor 80, halfway between Plaza de la Villa and the Almudena Cathedral. It is characterized and distinguished by being the only bookstore in the capital specialized in topics about Madrid. On its shelves we find hundreds of titles with various themes, such as history, curiosities, gastronomy, parks, anecdotes, photographs and even dedicated to children, but always with the same backdrop: Madrid.

Librería Felipa -Famous inside and outside Madrid, the Felipa bookstore, initially located at 16 Calle de los Libreros, was a benchmark in the sale of books, especially within the university sector. The owner, promoter and soul of the business, Felipa, was a woman who earned the respect and admiration of the world of books to which she dedicated her entire life since this establishment began its journey in 1944. It is currently located on Calle Pilar de Zaragoza, 37, in the neighborhood of La Guindalera.

Ocho y Medio – Cinema specialized bookstore that began its journey more than twenty years ago, in the cellars of the famous Alphaville cinemas (just opposite where it is now located). Since then, Eight and a Half has grown to become a reference space for audiovisuals. The greats of the seventh art have passed through this space, such as Almodóvar, Berlanga and Álex de la Iglesia, among others. Organize book signings, colloquia, monologues …

Librería Lé -Located on the Paseo de la Castellana, its two floors and its almost 500 square meters make it one of the largest private initiative bookstores in Madrid. Its shelves house a wide range of books and themes: from classic narrative to the most current, poetry and theater, comics and graphic novels, works of history, philosophy, economics, science, cuisine, pedagogy, psychology, law, computing , art, religion, travel … and also a careful children’s section.

Librería Polifemo -Since April 1980, it has tried to add to its role as generalist bookstore the development of specialized sections. If at the beginning Travel and its History were the main focus, little by little new themes were added, such as America, the Philippines, Ancient and Medieval Spain, Al-Andalus, Sepharad, the Golden Age, the World of Books …, always with a common axis: History in any of its many facets.

Cervantes y Compañía – A space designed to meet reading, culture and art, in the heart of the Malasaña neighborhood, one of the most literary in Madrid. Independent literature, first works, essay, graphic novel, theater, cinema, performing arts, poetry, exhibitions, …

Miraguano – Opened  in February 1977, on 104 Hermosilla Street, in the Salamanca district. After 43 years of activity, his deep vocation of love and respect for books and reading has remained intact. The Miraguano bookstore wants to continue being a meeting point between clients and friends with books with which to share emotions and opinions on readings.

Muga – On December 20, 2020 he turns 20. It threatens to remain open for 20 more years, if that day is overcome without the apocalypse. It covers the entire book experience: from organizing massive events with writers, to selling school books. They have always been a neighborhood bookstore, geographically and emotionally linked to the two Vallecas districts, although they say that their greatest pride was getting a group of publishers that made a map of the best bookstores in Madrid to have to enlarge the map on the corner lower right, for Muga to appear.

Self-edition Bookstore Carmen Bengoechea Bernal – More information on its official website.

Address: Calle de Balaguer 4 posterior, by appointment to

Our idea is to continue expanding this relationship of bookstores and for this we would love to have your collaboration. Whether you are a bookseller, or if you know any bookstore in Madrid that does not appear in that list, and you would like it to appear, please send an email to with the name and address of the establishment and we will solve it soon as possible.