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Madrid es Moda: Crafts, the invisible art of fashion

Madrid es Moda: Crafts, the invisible art of fashion

Madrid es Moda kicks off its new edition of Madrid Fashion Week from 12 to 14 February.

The initiative, organised by the Asociación Creadores de Moda de España (ACME), an entity subsidised by the Madrid City Council through the Madrid Capital de Moda project, will turn the city into the capital of international fashion. Different creators and creators of Spanish fashion will participate in this unique proposal.

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This issue of Madrid es Moda revolves around the concept of “Oficios, el arte invisible de la moda” (Crafts, the invisible art of fashion), a vindication of the craftsmanship that is present in the field of fashion. The tradition and knowledge of craft trades are passed on from generation to generation and enrich the work of designers by offering garments an added value through manual techniques and painstaking details.


Madrid City Council is once again lending its institutional support and impetus to Madrid es Moda and in this edition has collaborated closely with ACME’s initiative, ensuring that the ephemeral open-air exhibition Crafts The Invisible Art of Fashion can be located in Plaza de Colón and in other parts of the city, such as Atocha station, so that the public can enjoy it.

This exhibition will be on display from 12 to 17 February and will showcase the importance of crafts that are closely related to fashion, thanks to the participation of different creators such as the Fernández Prats tailor’s shop, the Aletheia Atelier (specialising in natural dyes), the dressmaker Karinme Graciela Novillo de Lagocha, Federico Antelo (a specialist in design, textile art and handmade printing) and the pattern maker Ilaria Franceschini.


This year, Madrid Fashion Week will begin with the inauguration of Madrid es Moda with a mixed action. On the one hand, it will offer a dance performance at the Centro de Cultura Contemporánea Conde Duque (the space where the teaser for this new edition was filmed), which will be completed with the aforementioned open-air exhibition in Plaza de Colón, entitled El arte invisible de la moda (The Invisible Art of Fashion).

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Madrid es Moda once again brings together some of the most important voices of fashion made in Spain. In this new edition some of the most relevant firms of our country will be present in this new edition: Beatriz Peñalver, Devota & Lomba, Roberto Verino, Fely Campo, Evade House, García Madrid, Javier Delafuente, Juan Vidal, Ernesto Naranjo, Leandro Cano,  Moisés Nieto, Maison Mesa, o The Extreme Collection, among many others.

In addition, Madrid es Moda will complete its programme with fashion shows, showrooms and other activities that we will soon show you on our social networks.

If you want to enjoy everything that happens in this new edition of Madrid es Moda, remember that we are going to tell you about it on our website and social networks. We also invite you to check out all the information on its official website.