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Madrid Capital De Moda’s Award 2021 II Edition

II Edition of the Madrid Capital De Moda's Award 2021


Framed within the Strategic Plan of Subsidies 2020-2022 of the Government Area of ​​Economy, Innovation and Employment, the main objective of this new call is the empowerment and promotion of the fashion sector, actively contributing to the promotion of specialized training and improving the business projection of fashion designers.

Madrid is one of the most dynamic and active cities internationally, within the fashion sector, since this is one of the most attractive engines of the city’s economy, which at the same time enhances the global projection of the city, generates employment and adds value to its image.

The Spanish Fashion Creators Association (ACME) actively collaborates with the Madrid City Council in the implementation and development of this call that wants to give recognition to creative and business development projects presented by designers of recognized prestige and trajectory.

The award consists of a single national award endowed with 60,000 euros to be awarded to the winning business and creative development project presented by fashion designers who have participated during Fashion Week through the face-to-face or digital presentation of your work and proposals in the MBFW Madrid edition held in September 2020 and / or at the event Madrid es Moda in any of its locations held in September 2020., which must include in its content the accompaniment and tutoring of a student in the last year or recently graduated in the last year in disciplines related to the fashion sector (intern), who will collaborate with the designer in the implementation of the project presented.

The deadline for submitting the proposal will run from April 21, until next May 20. They can be submitted electronically by entering the link to make the request for participation, clicking here.

Those initiatives that include developments related to internationalization, sustainability, circular economy, technological innovation and recovery and enhancement of handicrafts will be valued.

You will find all the information about the award and the rules in Boletín Oficial del Ayuntamiento de Madrid (the Official Gazette of the Madrid City Council), and in the Boletín Oficial de la Comunidad de Madrid (Official Gazette of the Community of Madrid)

The objective of Madrid Capital de Moda is to promote projects collected within the framework of fashion, art, decoration and gastronomy, which are held within the capital, but at the same time it is also responsible for internationalizing the city, supporting initiatives such as this is to give Madrid greater visibility worldwide.

In this way, Madrid Capital de Moda shares the most significant proposals from both public and private entities to bring citizens closer to all the news and activities that take place within the cultural sphere and that at the same time serve as engines of the economy and employment from the city.