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Creamodite: Fashion for everyone

Creamodite: Moda para todos


The creators of CREAMODITE define their project as a non-profit association that is in charge of organizing art and design ateliers, whose main objective is to boost businesses while recovering the value of creative industries.

CREAMODITE began its adventure in 2017, and from the beginning it focused on promoting periodic meetings between the consumer and the designer or artist in order to establish scenarios that revitalize the sector, highlighting its great creative weight.

Through a series of experiences, including performance-shows, entertainment programs, workshops or art and design circuits in Madrid, CREAMODITE enables viewers and consumers to actively participate in the different proposals that make up its catalog.

Recovering the value of art and design, while promoting the work of local artists and businesses in Madrid, CREAMODITE presents to the public the work of pattern makers, garment makers, artisans or choreographers, among other groups. In addition, CREAMODITE has public support, provided by the Madrid City Council, through the Madrid Capital de Moda project, or the Community of Madrid, and with private support thanks to brands such as Angel Schlesser, Maison Mesa, Maya Hansen and organizations such as DIMAD (Central of design).

CREAMODITE also collaborates with schools, universities, business centers and shops throughout Spain that are interested in promoting its philosophy and activities with which it carries out different innovative, interdisciplinary activities where the common thread is fashion and help spread the work of the ateliers and small shops or cultural industries of designers, plastic and visual artists in Madrid.

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