ADN Forum en la Plaza de Colón

ADN FORUM by Lexus at Plaza Colón

ADN FORUM by Lexus en Plaza Colón

With the support of the Madrid City Council through the initiatives Madrid Capital of Fashion and Everything is in Madrid belonging to the area of Economy, Innovation and Finance of the General Directorate of Commerce, Hospitality and Consumer Affairs together with the District of Salamanca, the first edition of a unique event such as ADN Forum by Lexus is coming to the city.

From Thursday 26th to Saturday 28th October, locals and visitors will be able to enjoy an original open-air art gallery.

It is an artistic proposal that advocates for sustainability and will be defending it by installing maritime containers in Plaza de Colón, which will be transformed into authentic artistic spaces where you can discover the works of the different participants.

If you visit Plaza de Colón you will live a unique artistic experience with an interesting message behind it.


▶️ UDIT – Kinema : The students of the Degree in Interior Design of UDIT, University of Design and Technology, Alba Gómez Syrine Kalakeche, Pablo Ramírez Gabriela Stacey, Alonso Santamaría, Daniel Alcolea, Blanca Oriz Aníbal de Andrade, Miguel González present “KINEMA”, creating a play of colours in their mural with which they want to make the public aware that “the world is full of things that cannot be seen”. creating a play of colours in their mural with which they want to make the public aware that “the world is full of things that cannot be seen”.

▶️ Jacinto de Manuel – SANYCCES: Using ceramics, natural plants, sand and acrylic paint in his space, the creator wants to make the public participate in the importance of our action against climate change.

▶️ NAGAMI / DAVID MAGÁN: The artists collaborate to create Reboot 01, an artistic installation composed of a series of sculptures created using recycled materials and designed to last over time.

▶️ FRANKE / SIGFRIDO SERRA: Sigfrido Serra Studio proposes a black chromatic, which invades the whole space, an elegant and scenic atmosphere where technology is used as a union, using materials such as vegan leather, stainless steel, textiles… among others, which share is with the Mythos collection of Franke that mix style and durability as a maxim of excellence.

▶️ PARAFENO – INTERIOR MAGAZINE: With his solo exhibition ‘Stars Say No’, the visual artist Parafeno presents a digital installation that unfolds around his personal experiences of growth and search for identity. Across five screens his works combine artificial intelligence and 3D through digital collages, resulting in a surreal and ethereal style typical of dreams or the distorted and imaginative perception of a child.

▶️ LEXUS – FABIÁN ÑIGUEZ: ÁGORA is inspired by ancient Greek culture, with its flowing lines and dynamic structure, it invites everyone to enter a universe of aesthetic wonders. Every architectural detail seems to whisper the history of ancient Greece, in an open, cosmopolitan and groundbreaking space, where the main exhibition area becomes a blank canvas to highlight the magnificence of the LBX and turn it into “Everyday Extraordinary”.

▶️ SIXTY PRO – PATRICIA BUSTOS: ‘Inspired by the architecture of Carlo Scarpa, “Mecano mobile” represents a new way of conceiving modular kitchens made up of a structure organised in the shape of a Meccano that perfectly meshes the storage volumes with the seating and bar areas.

▶️ NOMETRI / GIRA – ANA MARÍA FERNÁNDEZ: The art piece is created by Paola Fortes, Mexican artist based in Italy, whose stamp always based on surrealism begins with a pencil sketch where these peculiar and magical sea beings were created, a process that evolved to the extent of being able to print it on mosaic tesserae creating a great puzzle where this immersive experience takes us to the bottom of the sea, to receive the light of the sky that crosses the waters, and allows us to walk on its bottom as if we were part of that kingdom.

▶️ PINTURAS VALENTINE – KAMILO MORALES: This is a square red wooden box containing 12 pieces or modules (parallelograms) of different formats that together form a cube measuring 80 x 80 x 80 cm. Outside the box you can interact with them and put together the desired composition or shapes. The spectator is invited to intervene in the space and inhabit it, as if it were a child’s game. This project arises as an exercise to understand the three-dimensional, the sculptural and the spatial through the geometric and the infinite possibilities that this allows.

▶️ LEXUS – LIDIA CAO: The main concept is the creation of a new universe full of freshness and nature, highlighting its importance through new technology. With organic shapes to give the sensation of movement and the idea of creating a path.