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ACOTEX presents its report “The Textile Trade 2022”

 ACOTEX presents its report

Once again, the National Association of Fashion Retail, ACOTEX presents the report ‘El Comercio Textil’ which brings together all the data of the sector corresponding to the past year 2022.

This is the 22nd edition of this report, which is an essential document to know in depth the distribution and turnover of the textile sector in Spain. The report shows that last year, clothing sales rose by 20% compared to 2021. This translates into a growth of 19.73% in the turnover of the textile sector, i.e. 10,658 million euros more than in 2021.

Other noteworthy data included in the report ‘Textile Trade 2022’ by ACOTEX are that each Spaniard spent an average of 298.80 euros on clothing in 2022, 16.35% more than the previous year, while the increase in visits by international tourists (130%) has also increased their spending in our country by 149%.


After two years of difficult situation derived from the Covid 19 crisis, the Spanish textile sector is recovering. In 2022, spending on clothing by Spanish families increased by 11.83% (879 euros on average), with the national average expenditure per person being 298.80 euros.

The Basques, the people of Madrid and the Cantabrians are the ones who spent the most on textiles. The national average expenditure per person was 298.80 euros, while in the Basque Country it was 399.62 euros and in the Balearic Islands 215.38 euros.


The increase in the arrival of tourists to our country that took place in 2022, brought the rise in spending on fashion, a sector that concentrates 65% of the foreigners who visit us: The 71,561,488 million tourists have left in our country a total of 87,061.51 million euros.

Analysing by nationality, in 2022 the arrival of Chinese and Russian tourists, who were traditionally the protagonists of tourist spending in Spain, have fallen completely. Currently, Argentinians are the biggest spenders (39% of total purchases), followed by Mexicans (30%), Americans (21%) and Colombians (10%).

The Canary Islands, Catalonia and the Balearic Islands are the regions that have made the most sales to tourists, accounting for 20%, 19% and 17% of total purchases respectively.


Specialised chains remain at the top of the ranking with 38.95% of the sector’s overall turnover. Hypermarkets (27.6%); department stores (8.4%) and outlets (15.4%) maintain very similar shares to the previous year. And multi-brand shops continue to lose market share slightly (9.7%).

Regarding the online channel in textile trade, in 2022 it represented 16.2% of the total turnover, which means that online clothing purchases are increasing every year.