Urban Art Tours in Madrid

Rutas de Arte Urbano en Madrid


URVANITY is an artistic platform that wants to promote daily artistic values ​​betting on Contemporary Contemporary Art, that’s why it has been since 2017, giving voice to numerous young artists, both national and international. For three years, this action has taken place within the framework of the Madrid Capital de Moda project, whose main objective is to promote commercial activation, highlighting the most important commercial areas of our city, thanks to the support of the Madrid City Council.

URVANITY organizers want to contribute their vision during their participation in Madrid Art Week, but on the street, taking art out of galleries and activating the capital with installations placed in public space, transforming the streets with striking proposals, full of color and that serve to bring the feeling of artists closer to all citizens and visitors through their positioning on public roads.

So that you can enjoy all the proposals of the different creators without leaving home, we want to invite you to take a walk along the different routes located in different neighborhoods of the capital. In them you can discover the interesting work of artists from different parts of the world.

TOUR 1: Fuencarral – Chamberí

[ Right Here ] Alexey Luka – Covarrubias 42.

In Chamberí, near the Changó nightclub, is Right Here, the work of the Russian artist Alexey Luka (Moscow, 1983). A 30 meter long mural made up of geometric figures in pastel tones that form a collage, playing with shapes in a game of perception that activates our imagination.

[About this town ] Artez – Fuencarral 31.

On Calle Fuencarral near Gran Vía, you can see the Serbian Artez mural (Belgrade, 1988). It reflects the idea that Madrid is a place that welcomes visitors from all over the world, through the portrait of a young woman who carries a stack of books that have marked the history of the city, according to the artist himself. 

Cranio – Jesús Maestro 1.

Near the Canal area, there is the work of the Brazilian artist Cranio (Sao Paulo, 1982), who is internationally recognized. Along with the Vallehermoso Market, one of the markets with the best gastronomic offer in the capital today, we can see its characters who represent the indigenous tribes of Brazil and who are at the same time inspired by the work of Dalí.

[Dynamic Rainbow] Jan Kaláb – Mejía Lequerica 11.

Next to the Barceló Market, next to the Tribunal metro stop, is the mural created by the Czech Jan Kaláb (Prague, 1978). This creation shows his taste for graffiti and his experiences lived in New York.

[Offset] NEVERCREW – Augusto Figueroa, 14

The Swiss Pablo Togni (Bellinzona, 1979) and Christian Rebecchi (Bellinzona, 1980), a collective of artists whose work focuses on the relationship between humans and nature, have reinterpreted the local emblem of the city of ‘El oso y the strawberry tree ‘.

Photo’s Gallery Fuencarral – Chamberí


TOUR 2: Embajadores – Lavapiés: 

[Lavapiés]- Ben Eine – Parque Casino de la Reina.

In the Ambassadors roundabout, next to the Casino de la Reina park, we find the work of the Englishman Ben Flynn better known as Ben Eine (London, 1970), who dedicates a mural to him in honor of the traditional neighborhood of Lavapiés.

[Runaway] – D*FACE – Embajadores 19

Going up towards the Rastro through Ambassadors Street, we will be surprised by the mural by the British artist D * Face (London, 1978). The artist wanted to express in his own words << some characters who are either running away from their problems, or from a relationship and it is a game between artistic design and situation or feeling ».

[The Rhyme of Things]- Marat Morik – Santa Isabel 18.

In front of the Antón Martín Market, we find the work of the Russian artist Marat Morik (Novosibirsk, 1982). It is a tribute to the also Russian poet Anna Akhmatova made through geometric combinations and overlapping colors.

[Still Life Lavapiés ] Nicolás Romero aka Ever – Embajadores, 19

The Argentinean Ever (Buenos Aires, 1985) shows in his work the cultural diversity of the city of Madrid, joining the image of the cat, one of the symbols of Madrid, through the union of classical elements and the new paradigms of society. current.

[Totem Cubism ] – Pro176 – Callejón de Tribulete.

Next to the traditional San Fernando Market, specifically in one of the back alleys, we can see the mural by the French artist Pro176 (Paris, 1976). With a pop and surreal air, his new form of graffiti drinks directly from the Marvel universe, full of superheroes and supervillains.

ZEST – Lavapiés, 40

Another French artist, Zest (Montpellier, 1980), presents a work composed of basic shapes and primary colors that immediately capture the attention of the walker.

Photo’s Gallery Embajadores – Lavapiés.


TOUR 3: La Latina – Los Austrias

GVIIIE- Almendro, 6

The Madrid-based artist Gviiie has created a mural in which, in his own words, he wanted to “reflect twice on a journey through time: on the one hand, more clearly through the relationship between classical music and contemporary musical consumption patterns ».

Jana & Js -Travesía del Almendro 9.

Very close to the previous one, is the work of Jana & Js, a couple of Austro-French artists whose work is inspired by the city and its own architecture over time. His paintings speak of everyday situations and often his own photographs come out, making an honest reflection on emotions.

[ Wavy Wall ] – Jason Woodside -Ronda de Segovia 69.

Next to the Puerta de Toledo roundabout, we will find the wall of the American artist Jason Woodside. In it, its refreshing style is shown, through its colorful walls full of geometric figures, which have traveled around the world.

[El Pilar] – Hilda Palafox aka Poni – Plaza Puerta Cerrada

The Mexican Hilda Palafox, known in the artistic world as Poni, has located her work in the famous Plaza de Puerta Cerrada. Inspired by sorority, her work is a symbol of brotherhood and union between cultures through the representation of two women of different races holding each other.

Photo’s Gallery La Latina – Los Austrias.

Discover these beautiful murals in the different galleries! Enjoy art in Madrid without leaving home.