Paul García de Oteyza y la directora del Museo del Traje, Helena López de Hierro junto a los jóvenes visitantes del Museo del Traje © Museo del Traje

The Museo del Traje presents DiseñAR-T

The Museo del Traje presents DiseñAR-T

The Museo del Traje (Costume Museum) presents the DiseñAR-T program together with the High Commissioner against Child Poverty. This initiative, part of la ‘Cultura que transforma’ (‘the Culture that transforms’) program of the Ministry of Culture and Sports, is aimed at adolescents and has the participation of leading professionals from the sector.

With the collaboration of MANGO, the main objective of DiseñAR-T is to offer a quality cultural extracurricular activity to adolescents at the Museo del Traje to encourage among them the habit of visiting museums, while facilitating their personal development and fosters their future professional orientations.

participating projects presentation act  

Oteyza es una reputada firma de alta costura que tiene como valores fundamentales la recuperación de la artesanía tanto en sus técnicas como en los tejidos escogidos para realizar las prendas. Además, Oteyza recibió en 2018 el Premio Nacional de Moda y en 2021 fue galardonada con el Premio Madrid Capital de Moda 2021 con su proyecto ‘Merino, el oro español.’

Oteyza is a renowned haute couture firm whose fundamental values ​​are the recovery of craftsmanship, both in its techniques and in the fabrics chosen to make the garments. In addition, Oteyza received the National Fashion Award in 2018 and in 2021 was awarded the Madrid Capital Fashion Award 2021 with her project ‘Merino, Spanish gold.’

Activities in the museum 

In this first edition, DiseñAR-T, whose official ambassador is the designer Lorenzo Caprile, featured a master class offered by Paul García de Oteyza, alma mater of the OTEYZA firm, who then accompanied the attendees on a tour of the museum together with its director Helena López de Hierro. The attendees were able to discover the works in which the textile industry and the fashion sector converge by taking a tour of the museum’s funds where they could see some of the pieces from the collection that are not exhibited in the rooms of the Costume Museum.

The program will take place over 8 months and will have different participants who, through both theoretical and practical activities, will bring the youngest closer to topics related to the textile and fashion sector, such as the design and production process of a garment, going through the most current fashion dissemination systems, up to its designation as a cultural representation and consequent conservation in the Museum.

main objectiveS

DiseñAR-T is a pilot program carried out by the Museo del Traje that seeks to promote the social inclusion of adolescents thanks to the richness of the textile universe. Likewise, cross-cutting themes and concepts such as identity and personal image, codes and the language of fashion and its accessories, consumption models and the environmental impact of the textile industry will be worked on.

There will also be space for reflection on key concepts within the Museum’s philosophy, such as gender identities, the canon and image regulations.

At the end of the course, an act will be held in which the participants will exhibit their work in public.