Imagen promocional de Verbena del Centenario

The Cibeles Palace is 100 years old!

The Cibeles Palace is 100 years old!

The great occasions have to be celebrated as they deserve so we want to share with you one of the most special events of autumn …

From October 25 to 27, a very special birthday is celebrated: the Centenary of the Crystal Gallery and the Operations Courtyard. How could it be otherwise, like any birthday that boasts music, and gastronomy can not be missed, in addition to many more surprises.

The Cibeles Palace will host a great party during the last weekend of October: the Centennial Verbena! CentroCentro has prepared a program full of activities for all audiences. Among them you can enjoy exhibitions, concerts or gastronomic tastings.

The Association of Centennial Hoteliers of Madrid will participate in this event creating a space full of traditional aromas and flavors of the capital.

In addition, a verbena has to have a festive atmosphere, so throughout the three days of the event, attendees can enjoy different musical styles from the fun cupcakes of Gloria Ribera and Laura Inclán, to the fusion between jazz and the African rhythms of Nadah el Shazy or Idris Ackamoor, among many other artists who will offer their concerts.

The Cibeles Palace is a symbol of our city, so you cannot miss this golden clasp to a unique anniversary. Do you want to live this celebration? Enter the official website of CentroCentro Cibeles and for discover each and every one of the activities included in its great program, click here.

Come and enjoy with us the Verbena del Centenario!