Moisés Nieto

Moisés Nieto: Winner of MCDM 2020 MCDM Award

Moisés Nieto: Ganador del Premio MCDM 2020


The designer Moisés Nieto has been the winner of the Madrid Capital De Moda 2020 Award in  its first edition. From MCDM we want to thank him for his enormous talent and for sharing with the public his particular way of understanding fashion, and of course we convey that thanks to your fabulous team for their excellent and tireless work.

(*) Update: As of December 30, 2020, the Official Gazette of the Madrid City Council publishes the ‘Decree awarding the award.’

The Madrid Capital de Moda 2020 award is one more example of the commitment of the vice mayor Begoña Villacís and the delegate Miguel Ángel Redondo for Spanish author fashion.

On this first occasion it has had a large jury made up of different personalities from the world of fashion and the Madrid City Council such as Eduardo Zamácola (President of ACOTEX), Pepa Bueno (Executive Director of the Association of Fashion Creators of Spain), Nuria de Miguel (Director of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Madrid), Concha Díaz de Villegas (General Director of Commerce and Hospitality of the Madrid City Council), Olga Ruiz (Deputy Director General of Commerce and Markets of the Madrid City Council), Beatriz Santaolalla (Head of the Commercial Innovation and Discipline of the Madrid City Council), Eugenia de la Torriente (Director of Vogue), Pilar Riaño (Director of, María Ballesteros (General Director of Cultural Programs and Activities of the Madrid City Council), Beatriz González and Ainhoa Garcia.

Other great names in Spanish design such as Ernesto Naranjo, Ángel Schlesser, The 2nd Skin Co or Juanjo Oliva, have been finalists for this award together with Moisés Nieto who has finally won the award.

This award consists of a single national award endowed with 60,000 euros to be awarded to the winning business and creative development project, which must include in its content the accompaniment and tutoring of a student in the last year or recently graduated in the last year in disciplines related to the fashion sector (intern), who will collaborate with the designer in the implementation of the project presented.

(**) You will find all the information about the award and the rules in the Official Gazette of the Madrid City Council.

The objective of Madrid Capital de Moda is to promote projects collected within the framework of fashion, art, decoration and gastronomy, which are held within the capital, but at the same time it is also responsible for internationalizing the city, supporting initiatives such as This is to give Madrid greater visibility worldwide.

For all this, from Madrid Capital de Moda we thank all those who have presented their candidacy and we remind them that we are waiting for them and many more in the next edition 2021.

Thank you very much to all! Congratulations to Moisés Nieto!