Cartela del circuito de tiendas Japan Desu

JAPAN DESU: Guide to experience Japan in Madrid

JAPAN DESU: Guía para vivir Japón en Madrid


“JAPAN DESU”, which simply means “It’s Japan”, is a project organized by DIMAD to publicize various manifestations of current Japanese culture, a combination of tradition and modernity, from the point of view of design. 

It consists of two exhibitions “JAPAN DESU” and “KIMONO JOYA, the beauty of imperfection” and more than 30 debate and participation activities aimed at design professionals and students, companies and the general public.

The “JAPAN DESU” exhibition and most of the activities take place at the Central de Diseño de Matadero Madrid, headquarters of DIMAD, while the “KIMONO JOYA. The beauty of imperfection”.

Kimono Joya

For this reason, the JAPAN DESU CIRCUIT has been formed, made up of a group of commercial spaces in the central area of ​​Madrid that sell products of the most varied manifestations of Japanese design, both traditional and current, and where different manifestations of Design can be appreciated: fashion, furniture and decoration, books and comics, ceramics, home, stationery, etc.

Until December 4, the JAPAN DESU CIRCUIT has the objective of bringing design closer, and specifically, Japanese design, as an instrument that aspires to make the lives of citizens easier and more pleasant.

The public will be able to freely and freely access the spaces of the Circuit at the times and conditions determined by each entity.

Circuit japón desu

Circuit Japan Desu


 japan desu circuit shops 

 Book shops

ANTONIO MACHADO:  [Círculo de Bellas Artes (Alcalá, 42)/Pza. Salesas 11]

ARTE 9:  [Francisco Silvela, 21]

LA CENTRAL: [Postigo de San Martín]

NAOS: [Quintana, 12]

OTAKU CENTER:  [Luna, 18]

PANTA RHEI:  [Hernán Cortés, 7]

TASCHEN:  [Barquillo, 30]


ANEKO:   [Castelló, 15]

DOMÉSTICO PRO:  [Claudio Coello, 55 / Lagasca, 87 ]

GION:  [Barquillo, 18]

LAS MONAS:  [Pez, 11]

MUJI: [Fuencarral, 36-38/Goya, 9]

SANKORE:  [Claudio Coello, 95]

VIDA ZEN: [Buen Suceso, 15]



TOKYOBIKE:  [Castelló, 62]