ELLE Education & UCM – Visual Merchandising and Styling Diploma


SemipresenTial OR online

presentials courses: friday & saturday

40 ects



ELLE Education & UCM – Visual Merchandising and Styling Diploma

program SUMMaRY: 

Guiados por la experiencia de grandes profesionales del sector aprenderás a realizar técnicas y estrategias de visual merchandising y escaparatismo y conocerás las diferentes aplicaciones del estilismo para todo tipo de producciones de moda: e-Commerce, editoriales, televisión y publicidad.

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agenda items: 

▶ Introduction to the universe of fashion.

▶Visual merchandising

▶ Window dressing

▶ Fundamentals of Styling

▶ Fields of application of styling

▶ Image Consulting and Coolhunting

modality: Online: 1950€   | Half presential: 2400€ (Possibility of financing)

qualification:  Diploma issued by the Complutense University of Madrid with European recognition.

internships in companies.

language: Spanish

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contAct: 695 414 072 // consulta@mindway.education