The ‘Poko Espacio’ Gallery arrives in Madrid

Poko Espacio: La Galería de Arte más pequeña de Madrid

A unique occasion arrives in Madrid: the inauguration of the smallest art gallery in the city.

How could it be otherwise, its creators have decided to give it a name according to its characteristics: Poko Espacio. Located in the portal nº 12 of the central Puerta del Sol, this project wanted to begin its journey with «Urban Art», the exhibition made with some of the best photographs of the artist Luis Pereira.

In the words of its creators: «Art is on the street», and this message has been printed in his work, which moves between different artistic tendencies and shows us that every day we pass in front of works of art in the city , but we don’t see them. However, Luis Pereira comments that he usually portrays the life that comes and goes, applying a different look, I can capture what for the rest is indifferent.

The benefits of the sale of his works, which portray everything that escapes us in the daily life of Madrid, will be destined for charitable purposes, since they will go to the Fundación Juega Terapia.

Poko Space is located in the only nineteenth century portal that has been perfectly preserved in the Puerta del Sol.

Decorated with two large ornate display cabinets and keeping the woods of the time, this place tells us about Madrid in 1862, the year in which it was built. It also keeps a secret, and in the 30s of the last century, one of the most famous portraitists of that time, Amador Cuesta, had his photographic studio in the attic of the building.

The circle closes in this way, with the magnificent photographs of Luis Pereira displayed in the showcases of this elegant portal that now serves to house this wonderful project.

You already know it, don’t miss it and discover a lot of art in Poko Space.