The best of the 71st edition of MBFW Madrid

Lo mejor de la 71ª edición de MBFW Madrid

The year 2020 has begun full of talent and adventure, since the 71st edition of Mercedes Benz Fashion Week has made Madrid the fashion capital once again.

As on previous occasions since 2010, one of the most important fashion events in our country has been accompanied by the Madrid Es Moda festival, an initiative of the Association of Fashion Creators of Spain.

In addition, Madrid Capital de Moda has wanted that both Madrid, Madrid and visitors could enjoy this significant event, taking fashion to the street by installing a giant screen in Margaret Thatcher square next to the Plaza de Colón in which they have been able to see the parades live.

Also on our website, we have been able to see the parades by streaming, since one of our main objectives is that fashion reaches the whole world.

One more year, most of the parades have taken place at the IFEMA venue, between January 28 and February 2, however, thanks to the collaboration of Madrid Capital de Moda, a project located within the framework of the City Council of Madrid, some of the designers and designers have presented their new collections in emblematic points of the capital.

One of the creators who has shown his new clothes belonging to the Autumn | Winter 2020 – 2021, has been Maison Mesa. The designer has taken us to the Bauhaus with some garments full of color and geometric figures that could be seen in the Pabellón de Cristal of the Casa de Campo, an ideal space for a rationalist and passionate work in which you can enjoy an incredible show of dance and fashion.

Designer Pilar Dalbat was responsible for opening this edition of MBFW Madrid by parading in the Salón de Bóvedas of la Casa de la Panadería in the Plaza Mayor, a magical place that marvelously accompanied her designs of regal fabrics and airs of the Madrid of the Century of gold.

For his part, Moisés Nieto wanted to pay tribute to the relationship between the artist and the muse, moving the presentation of his new Autumn collection | Winter 2020 – 2021 to the Facultad de Bellas Artes of the Complutense University, with a performance that encompasses painting, live string music and of course, a lot of fashion.

Ernesto Naranjo presented his risky proposals in Conde Duque, showing us a woman it turns out and determined that she is not afraid to express her true essence through the clothes she is wearing.

As for Samsung EGO, the impudence and subtlety were the protagonists, and the Madrid designer Fátima Miñana won the Mercedes Benz Fashion Talent 2020 prize, thanks to her designs full of sophisticated fabrics and relaxed lines.
The rest of the conference, talent shone like never before, being very difficult to highlight some collections over others.

Red and all his palette has been the protagonist. Most designers have wanted to welcome the cold with some clothes full of color and passion, such as The 2nd skin co., Angel Schlesser or Teresa Helbig who let us see elegant but adaptable clothes to the day to day.

The seventies with their male silhouettes and their taste for luxury has been another source of inspiration for the creators and creators who have participated in this edition as Devota & Lomba with their pants suits in aubergine velvet or Miguel Marinero with their dresses with disco necklines.

In this 71st edition of MBFW Madrid, two very special events have taken place. On the one hand, the Madrid City Council, through the Areas of Economy, Innovation and Employment and Culture, Tourism and Sports, at the proposal of the Association of Friends of the Costume Museum, reported that Manuel Pertegaz would be honored with a plaque of recognition due to being one of the great Spanish designers next to Cristóbal Balenciaga.

The other special occasion that has been experienced in this edition has been the Visibility fashion show offered by L’Oréal Paris Spain, in which both women and perfect old men have paraded with designs by Hannibal Laguna, Roberto Torretta or Marcos Luengo among others, singing to maturity and experience.

It is almost impossible to keep something specific of these wonderful 6 days, in which one of the most important events for the design of our country has taken place, so we are more impatient than ever to see what the next edition holds for us.