Latin American Fashion Week in Madrid

Latin American Fashion Week in Madrid


The capital celebrates a very special occasion: the First Edition of the Official Latin American Fashion Week in Madrid.

One of the main objectives is to boost the link between Spain and Latin America, turning Madrid into a commercial space where Latin designers can publicize both their brand and their products.

With the honor of having the designer Ágatha Ruiz de la Prada as godmother, the event organized by Alejandro Medrano will fill Madrid with fashion thanks to being the first Latin American Catwalk that is celebrated in the city. The Latin American Catwalk gives the opportunity to all its participants to publicize the talent that exists in Latin America, focusing on those creators who have just made the big leap in the world of fashion.

Madrid is the perfect host, it is the best scenario and it will be the engine that drives Latin American talent towards new levels, that is why, from Madrid Capital de Moda we want to communicate our joy and satisfaction for being part of a project like this, which brings out once again Street fashion so that both citizens and visitors can enjoy it in Madrid.

Within the large group of designers that will present their collections on this unique occasion there will be representatives from Latin American countries: Duly Romero (Honduras), Annie Chajin (Panama), Fabián da Silva de Fauve Gaubbe and Diana Ramírez (Paraguay), Yao and Álvaro Maradiaga (Nicaragüa), Vedelia Donoso (Chile), Baisakhi (Colombia), Lisa Thon and Eddie Guerrero (Puerto Rico) and from Spain, we will have Ehlea and Maison Mesa.

The sites chosen for the parades, which will take place between October 1 and 2, have been Casa de Amércia and IED, at the headquarters of 14 Larra Street.

In addition, this fabulous event does not end here, because both tourists and locals from Madrid can enjoy an exhibition with the most representative creations of the participants together with the canvases of the Spanish artist Fabiola Urien that show a unique dialogue between art and fashion that can be Enjoy at the Hotel Bless Madrid (Velázquez 62).

You know, you can not miss something as special as The Official Week of Latin American Fashion in Madrid.