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Double Interuniversity Degree in Design & Commerce

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The double interuniversity degree in Fashion Design from the Polytechnic University of Madrid and a degree in Commerce from the Complutense University of Madrid is the first interuniversity degree of these characteristics at the Spanish university and was born from the collaboration between the Centro Superior de Diseño de Madrid Fashion (CSDMM-UPM) and the Faculty of Commerce and Tourism (UCM), two university centers with a long history in training.

This new itinerary is taught in person at both centers over five academic years and offers 25 new admission places. The itinerary allows two full official careers to be studied simultaneously in two university centers with enormous experience and prestige, exchanges with foreign universities and twice the number of guaranteed professional internships (in both fashion design and commerce), in the best companies in both sectors. , both trade and fashion design.

The synergies between these two disciplines are undeniable from a professional point of view. Between them they cover around 15% of Spanish GDP, with more than 3,000,000 direct and indirect jobs. Professional synergies that are now reflected in an academic project led by two prestigious universities, the Polytechnic University of Madrid and the Complutense University of Madrid.


The Double degree itinerary leads to two undergraduate degrees of 240 ECTS each.

Each University agrees to the automatic recognition in its Degree, of the necessary credits taken in the Degree of the other university, until adding the 240 ECTS that guarantee the competencies of each degree. The necessary acknowledgments may in no case affect the external internships or the Final Degree Project. Thus, to obtain both degrees, students must take and pass in all cases and independently:

• 6 ECTS of specific external internships of the Degree in Fashion Design by the UPM
12 ECTS of specific external practices of the Bachelor’s Degree in Commerce by the UCM
12 ECTS of Final Degree Project by the UPM
• 6 ECTS of Final Project of the Degree in Commerce by the UCM.

Optional Subjects

The Double Degree in Fashion and Business Design includes 24 ECTS of optional subjects that may be taken in either of the two degrees according to the conditions established, year by year, by the Academic Committee of the Double Degree Itinerary.

Study Plan


More information in: http://www.csdmm.upm.es/pages/doblegrado.html

You can request your PLACE RESERVATION: rinstitucionales.csdmm@upm.es